Week 17 – Permission


This week Mark asked us to give ourselves permission to tap into the power.  Each night in my sit I have asked myself have I given myself permission to be successful, to be happy, to master the course and to understanding and embrace the idea that I am natures miracle.  I thought I had but obviously I hadn’t as I couldn’t really remember actually doing it.  So now I have given myself permission to embrace life with enthusiasm.

My virtue this week is enthusiasm.  Everything I am doing is with enthusiasm which for me wasn’t that easy as I didn’t realise that I just did my normal daily routine without feeling or a lot of thought, even though I did my readings with enthusiasm and thought.  Now even the most mundane chore is done with enthusiasm.

People around me are not quite sure what has happened as I am singing at work, always have a smile on my face and am just so happy.

I am loving this course.


Week 16 – Kindness week


Wow this week is kindness week.  I love kindness week.  Just watching people whilst on holidays and seeing the kindness expressed to each other is awesome.

Whilst visiting my father in law in the nursing home I was able to see the residents come alive when you show them kindness, even it is just simply saying hello to them and if you stop and talk to them you made their day.

I love kindness week.

Week 15 – Self Control


This week we are using the Franklin makeover which has us ranking in order from 1 to 11 virtures from his list. I chose Self Control to start with.

One of my PPN is True Health so I thought Self Control goes hand in hand with it. Especially over the holiday period and since we were going away on holidays I thought it would be a tough one and I was right. The food was the hardest to resist all that amazing delicious smelling food.

We also had to introduce some daily exercise and as we went away to the coast I added in a morning walk along the beach. This had a compounding effect on me as I would sit up at night to a smorgesboard of goodies and eating slowly only ate half of what I would have normally eaten. So no weight lost but on a positive note no weight added either which was all I wanted to do whilst we were away.

I was able to enjoy myself and stay strong.


Week 14 – Cool Runnings


For this week we had a choice of movies and I chose Cool Runnings as it was a movie I have watched over and over again and absolutely love.  This time I was to watch and look out for four things – their burning desire, their plan of action, their positive mental attitude and their masterminding.

Now I have watched this movies so many times and none of these things ever stood out to me before – all I knew was that I loved the movie – now I know why it resonated with me.

Watching this movie with new eyes was awesome I fell in love with the movie even more.

Week 13 – Karma


Merry Christmas to everyone.

The law of cause and effect is what we are learning about this week.   Along with gratitude which is a wonderful thing to do.

I am doing more myself and having the result that I am wanting and I am happier than I have ever been.

I am loving that I love everyone and seeing the effect on other people especially this time of year.

Thank you to everyone.

Week 12 – Knowledge


This week we read that “You must first have the knowledge of your power; second, the courage to dare; third, the faith to do it”.

We are learning the knowledge of our power using our DMP to encourage us to dare and having the faith to just do it.

This week saw us writing 30 cards with things we had accomplished and our affirmations.  I thought I might have ten but as I kept writing more and more came into my head.

Also adding all five senses into my DMP has been interesting.  Thinking of things that really resonates with me and makes me think of my PPN’s straight away took some time especially trying to add taste and smell.

I am loving my journey.